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How To Make Suspenders

Men's, women's, children's suspenders are one of favorite trends in the modern industry of fashion. Now suspenders are presented by various models of different forms, flowers and the sizes and are an accessory a unisex. On one of numerous versions of an origin of suspenders it is considered that the first needy French who had no opportunity to buy a belt for trousers began to carry their.

Then, in far times of revolution, they made suspenders with own hands for themselves and the children. In Europe, at the Royal Courts, all female half of mankind actively used braces, applying them to deduction of stockings. Women and girls and now don't lose sight of this attractive element from a look. Many ladies supplement strict trousers with playful suspenders and look at the same time stunningly!

Elastic Band For Braces

Unwrap an elastic band and make necessary measurements. To make the correct measurements, cut off two pieces of an elastic band of the approximate sizes. Fix both ends of an elastic band on forward part of trousers of that person for whom suspenders are intended. Pull an elastic band a little and, having made a cross on a back, fix both ends of an elastic band on the line of a belt. In that place where two elastic bands are crossed among themselves, fix several sewing pins. Don't pull an elastic band too hardly that to the person it was comfortable to move. Cut off an excess elastic band, having left on the ends 2-3 cm for loops.

Fastening Of An Elastic Band

Wrap each end of an elastic band on 2-3 cm and stitch so that the loop was formed. Insert clips into loops. Be convinced that the front part of a clip isn't on the side of a back line.

Finish Step Of Creation Of Suspenders

In that place where your pins have been fixed, accurately sew one elastic band to another, at you it has to turn out such a rhombus, as in drawing. Try on suspenders, having attached all four clips to trousers. It is ready!

If you want to make suspenders for the child, it is possible to buy an elastic band of any bright color, and also to use color clip-on earrings clips. Having applied the imagination, you will be able to make for the kid of tightening with own hands, having spent a minimum of time and means.

As our children quickly grow, this option of suspenders requires adjustment which detail should be established beforehand on each piece of an elastic band. Adjusting details can be bought in any sewing shop as well as clips of the most different flowers and configurations. Good luck to you!


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