Handmade paintings on glass – for beginners

Drawing on glass will be admired both by adults and children. It can become a favorite handmade activity, and to unite the whole family. You should think which drawing you want to receive before you go to a handmade store for paints.

If you want to create a kind of antique stained-glass windows, you need to choose a special paint, which becomes clear when it dries. Another point to pay attention to the resistance of the paint to water and to detergents, as well as the possibility of contact with food.

Acrylic paints are not only for glass, but also for ceramics. There is a kind of paint, which requires burning after the drawing. Painting made such way remains on surface for a long time. If you design the item just for decoration of the interior, burning is not required. If you are not going to wash the handmade item with cleaning detergents, then the paint will be preserved for a long years.

The choice of the trade mark which produces the paints is also important. For burning I can recommend the Hobby Line paints made by german company C Kreul. Also you should take in account, that glass workpiece should be heat-resistant.

Any glass surface is suitable for drawing. It must be washed with a mild detergent before the start of the work. For beginners working with a flat glass would be easier. You will learn how to make the smooth contour lines. Flat surface is the most suitable surface to copy the drawing from a sketch.

Use the stencil if you haven't drawn for a long time. Draw the contours with a special pencil. If you work on the matted glass, you can draw without the contour. Use soft brushes with natural bristles to work with paints based on acrylic. You need to buy the brushes of several sizes at once, so that you can even draw the smallest details.

After drawing the picture, the resulting work is best covered with varnish or, if required by the paint, burn in the oven. It will be the original thing which you can be proud of.

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