Garden swings with your own hands

In any family, the garden swings are an indispensable attribute for the entertainment of children and adults. And what can be better than diy outdoor swing in your own yard. Any diy patio swing perfectly fit in the villa interior and become a great addition to barbeque and parties. Making a diy swing bench with your own hands could be not as complicated process as it might seem at first sight. The final result will exceed all your expectations and become a pleasant joy for the family and an occasion for the pride of the master himself.

Types of swings

Depending on the size, design features, the diy yard swing could be divided into three types:


At the heart of these swings is a long bench, which can easily accommodate up to 5 people. This type of swing is better to equipe with its own visor, so the influence of the sun and weather becomes insignificant.


There are many varieties. As a rule, they consists of a small seat, support and fasteners. The main thing in such diy wooden swing set is the availability of safety features that will save the child from falling.


Such a swing can be put in the car during a trip to rest. They are usually attached to tree branches or other supporting elements.


The following tools will be required for the construction of the diy garden swing:

  • a saw (hand or disc);
  • jigsaw hammer;
  • nails;
  • drill with drill bits.

A similar set of tools must be found in the garage or workshop of any owner. Therefore, you shouldn’t find problems with inventory here.

Choose material for swings

Swing can be made from completely different materials, for example, from metal, from tires, from wood, from pipes, from pallets, etc. In this article I will consider on the construction of the classic type of family swing.

The wood was chosen as the main material. There are no special requirements for the selection of wood. These can be oak boards, pine or spruce. The advantage of using wood as the main material is its availability and easy way of processing.

The metal requires special equipment and the availability of professional skills.

DIY wooden swing is able for building by any person. The construction process is simple and inexpensive. If desired, you can decorate the swing by carving wood or paint it into any color.

Pay attention! The tree is affected by weather conditions and may lose its strength with time.

Necessary materials

When making wooden swings you will need the following materials:

  • Bar in the number of 4 pieces - height from 2 m.
  • Bar length of 2.5 m - in the number of 1 pc.
  • Board (length 2 m, width 10 cm) in the number of 15-20 pieces.
  • Board (length 2 m, thickness 40-50 cm) in the number of 2 pieces.
  • Screws with ring 6 pcs.
  • Carabiners 6 pcs.
  • Self-tapping screws 80 pcs.

HOW TO MAKE A FAMILY DIY PORCH SWING: step-by-step instruction

The production of family swings from wood takes place in several stages. It is advisable to select a good location for their location and make an accurate calculation of the necessary materials.

1. From the four long bars we produce two L-shaped supports. With this arrangement, the maximum stability of the swing is achieved.

2. The upper part of the beams fasten it with self-tapping screws. For greater reliability of the construction, it is necessary to fasten the feet of the supports with additional fixing boards.

3. The supports themselves are located parallel to each other at a distance of 2.5 m and are buried in the ground to a depth of 50-70 cm.

4. Using nails, the supports are connected by a bar from a bar length of 2.5 m.

5. With boards of 40-50 mm thick, create three L-shaped frames for the bench. They are fastened with the help of self-tapping screws.

6. Using carpentry tools, it is necessary to give the carcasses a shape reminiscent of the bend of the spine. So you can ensure maximum comfort during sitting.

7. Arrange these three L-shaped frames at the same distance from each other along the length of the future bench.

8. Fix them exactly in the middle with a thin board.

9. Connect the entire area of the seat and back with the remaining boards.

10. The boards should be the same length and be separated from each other by a certain interval.

11. At the end of the process, it is necessary to work the surface with grinding tools to remove any irregularities and burrs.

12. On both sides, around the side center of the seat and backrest, screws with rings are screwed in.

13. The remaining two rings are attached from below the crossbar. They will serve to connect the swings and legs using chains.

14. With the help of carbines attach chains to the rings and connect the main elements.

Pay attention to the thickness of the crossbar. The thicker the tree -  the better.

Seat for diy garden swing

The resulting element will become the foundation of the bench. The vertical part will be a backrest, and the horizontal part will be a seat.

Pay attention: before fixing the boards to the frame, drill holes in them. So you can avoid the appearance of cracks when screwing self-tapping screws.

Arm the armrests of the bench

The length of the chains is regulated independently from their own preferences.

For maximum comfort, the diy wooden swing set should be raised at least 30 cm above the ground.

Advice! Instead of chains, a suitable rope can be used. This will significantly reduce the noise that can be produced by the metal links of the circuit. 

 Hope you will enjoy your own diy outdoor swing!


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