DIY Slime stress ball

New week expecially on Monday can be much nicer if you got your stress ball on hand! And making it handmade can bring really much fun and joy!

Special video will show you step by step how to make such interesting and cool thing as a stress ball handmade:

For handmade stress ball you will need:

 - ballons;

 - cornflour;

 - scissors

 - water;

 - jug.

Written instruction:

1) Step first: making slime out of cornflour or cornstarch.

Take a packet of cornflour and dip it into a jug. Slowly add some water and mix everything just with your hands. Cornflour should absorb the water. Keep adding it until you can't mix it any longer. One momet liquid and another - not, you can see all about it in the video.

2) Prepare colored balloons. First pour the mixture into plastic bottle, because if you start pouring it into balloon all will get messy. Once your mixture is in the bottle - take a balloon and strech it over the top. Slowly start tipping the ooblek out of the bottle and into the balloon. 

3) The balloon should be filling till its natural size.If you want to have a bigger balloon than gently squeeze the bottle. When you're done remove the balloon from the bottle. Squeeeze the ooblek into the bottom of your balloon. Tie a knot in the end. That's gonna be the inside of our stress ball.

4) On the next step we are putting it inside another balloon. To make our handmade stress ball look interesting, we will take marble patterned balloon. Use scissors to cut the end of the balloon. Strech the balloon so it can go around the first one.

5) Cut the nozzle of the first one. Tie a knot on the outer balloon as well. But you can leave the hole as well.

Your stress ball is ready! And made by you own hands it is cheaper, nicer and really original one! You can take it with you wherever you want. Enjoy it!

For the filling you can also use dried rice or mung beans. Fill it into plastic bottle first, and then - in the balloon.The rest of work process is the same.


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