Perhaps, every girl knows how important a proper, careful and regular care for the skin is. Of course, because each of us wants to always look fresh, well-groomed and unsurpassed!

And, perhaps, many of us are concerned about such questions as: "How to keep my skin smooth and elastic?", "How to get rid of the so-called "orange peel", without resorting to laser treatment and other costly procedures?", "How to turn dry skin into glowing and healthy-looking?", " How to stay young and beautiful?". Of course, unfortunately, no one has yet managed to invent "the elixir of eternal youth." But to stay beautiful and to keep your body in good shape and condition - is quite real! It is necessary to give this a few minutes every day, and the result will not take long. As for home skin care  - one of its most important stages is the stage of cleansing.

Today I'd like to offer you to prepare your own natural body scrub. This product will not only relieve your skin from dead cells (in the form of peeling), help to cleanse the pores and remove toxins. It will also give a softening, nourishing and refreshing effect.

- 1 medium-sized grapefruit 
- 5 tablespoons of salt 
 - 1 tsp. of olive oil 
Using a blender or a grater, chop / grate a grapefruit. Add a little olive oil and salt to the grapefruit pulp. Thoroughly mix all ingredients.

Done! Apply the scrub on your steamed out skin, spread with massaging movements, and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this procedure 1 time per 7-14 days. Your skin will be silky and thankful for your care!

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