Kayla Coleman

How To Make Goat Milk Soap

Order Of Preparation Of Soap With A Goat Milk

Freeze milk

Kindle oils (at first cocoa, then coconut). Cool it.

For successful preparation of soap temperature of oils has to be lower than 30 degrees. 

Prepare alkaline solution on milk according to rules!

If you haven't followed temperature or have too quickly added alkali, then milk will kinda become a curd - milk protein will "burn down", the color will be dark, and has begun to smell disgusting. The picture how it shouldn't be:

Pour alkaline solution in oils.

Mix with the blender to a trace.

The trace comes very quickly. After that there comes the hardness therefore hurry up to add a fragrance and to pour in forms! 

That soap has kept pleasant color, I have put it in the refrigerator for avoidance of a stage of gel. Because of a high speed of hardening I have managed to make only one gel-free piece of soap, it has turned out light (see the first picture) and for 6 weeks it will ripen. 

Other mass was quickly included into gel while I was engaged in addition of fragrances in other forms. On a photo more dark and transparent sites are obviously visible.

The soap which has passed gel has more dark color, is closer to yellowy-brown. Now it was necessary to wait 6 weeks till a maturity, and your light dairy soap is ready!


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