Paige Castillo

How To Make Soap Bars

Have you saved many remains of a soap? There is an excellent way to turn them into new soap.

1. Prepare the soap remains. Rub them or cut on small pieces.

2. Put on rubber or latex gloves.

3. Grease forms with means from sticking (for example, vegetable oil).

4. Heat in a double boiler liquid which you have chosen (milk, water, tea) to 76-82 º C, without bringing to boiling.

5. Gradually add grated soap, without ceasing to stir slowly.

6. Slowly bring to boiling.

7. Slowly mix (but not constantly) while soap completely isn't homogenized.

8. Now at will it is possible to add additional components. It is optional, however can improve the end result. As additives it is possible to use the following: scrabbing components (oat flakes, bran, lavender flowers and so on), essential oils, food dyes and so on. At addition also well mix them.

9. Pour out mix in a form at once and turn in food wrap.

10. In 24 hours remove a wrap and leave forms in the blown, dry place for three-four weeks. After sufficient drying you receive new soap bars.


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