I remember, as a child I attended a couple of times  master classes on modeling from salt dough. How happy I was, I'd say! I was just keen on such creative lessons, being in a circle of kids that just like me, were fascinated with such a bright and cheerful process of creating all sorts of amusing figures!

You can easily make colored salt dough for creative activities with your child just at home! Believe me, your child won't be bored durng such an interesting pastime, and you, in your turn, will help your kid to develop fine motor skills, imagination, creativity, as well as their attentive span and perseverance. Let's start?)

You will need:
- Flour - 4 tbsp
- Fine salt - 2 tbsp.
- Warm water - 2 tbsp.
- Gouache or colored ink 

Mix all the ingredients and knead dough for about 10 minutes, until it stops to be sticky and is soft and smooth. It is not necessary to keep this dough in the refrigerator before starting working with him.                                           However, keep in mind that it dries up pretty quickly on air. Therefore, if you have done the portion in advance - it is better until to keep it closed.

You can even bake your ready-made crafts in the oven and varnish - and then you'll get real handmade souvenirs!

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