Ruby Morales

How To Make Organic Soap

All of us really want to use natural, organic soap, but it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to make soap from scratch.


  • Coconut oil-900 gr.
  • Castor oil-900 gr.
  • Glycerin (smaller amount) 1300 gr. Superfat-18 gr.
  • Water, lye. (calculate lye and water amount using water-oil ratio 33%).

Pour the lye water into the oils’ mixture. Temperature difference between the lye water and the oils should not exceed 5 degrees. Using your stick blender mix the mixture until it reaches thick trace. I brought my soap to a very thick trace. Put the soap into the oven. Stir it every half hour.

After half an hour in the oven.

Three hours later.

Pour glycerin.

Pulse with the blender. The soap is slowly growing transparent. The top of the soap starts to harden, forming a thin white crust.

Now quickly pour the soap into molds. I've put the crusts into a separate mold.

I’ve made a lot of soap.

Two hours later, our soap from scratch is ready.

Soap to suit any taste.


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