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How To Make Salt Scrub

As a rule, it is not a problem to make a salt scrab. The scrab composition is very simple. It is just some salt (the sea one is more preferable), vegetable oil, essence oils and additional components.

Salt For Scrabs

To my mind, the salt scrab must be made of the sea salt, if it is too coarse you can always crumble it up. Without doubt, the sea salt is much more useful than the common one. You can buy the sea salt in any shop, supermarket or chemist’s. Also it is sold in cosmetic departments and stores. It is better to use pure salt, without additives. The sea salt has a very reasonable price.

The Salt Scrab For Your Body

If you have no chance to get the sea salt you can try to make such a scrab with table salt. Moreover, it is possible to buy the fine salt, so you will not have to take pains crumbling it up. Nevertheless, I stand for the sea one.

The Vegetable Oil For The Scrab

You can use any oil of vegetable origin for the scrab, such as: almond oil, peachy or apricot stones oil, and olive or jojoba oils. The almond one is thought to be the softest and tenderest, without causing any allergy reaction, the same about peachy and apricot stones oil.

The Essence Oil For Scrabs

I give my preference to natural and quality essences, and for today the best ones for me are the essences by “Primavera TM”. In drugstores there are synthetic essences that do not have the desirable effect. If you make a scrab to get rid of your cellulite, then you should better use citrus oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, and tangerine). Choose any to your taste.

The Additional Components For The Scrab

You can use some other additional components in your scrab, such as: lemon, orange or lime rinds. Also you can use oatmeal flakes, ground almond or coffee, semolina or corn cereals. Ground coffee scrabs effectively tope your body up, smoothen the skin out making it look much better. And at that, coffee scrabs can be applied on the face too.

Dried herbs and flowers. I do like a scrab made of lemon rind with dried lavender flowers.


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