Eva Cruz

How To Make Glycerin Soap

At first, as usual, take amount of oils necessary to you. For calculation of the exact recipe it is possible to use the alkali calculator. In glycerin soap I prefer to use 60% of batter (solid oils), 3 - 5% of stearin, the rest - liquid oils. Waters I take no more than 22% in the main recipe. Alcohol, glycerin and sugar - to the maximum, waters for cultivation of sugar of 10%. I have put refat in the recipe - 5%.

Heat oils, dissolve alkali, mix everything as usual and bring to a trace. Then put soap on a bath and leave before gel comes.

When a stage of gel has come, mix soap and add 2/3 parts from all alcohol put according to the recipe.

Cover soap and leave somewhere for about 40 minutes alone.

The water bath has to be very quiet that soap hasn't escaped. Periodically open a cover and add a little alcohol (approximately) and mix soap mass.

Soon soap weight is already similar to transparent, there are small lumps. It improves also alcohol and even minutes 30 on a bath. When lumps have thawed all or almost everything, pour in glycerin and sugar syrup.

Soap weight looks already here and on a consistence reminds kissel. Leave for half an hour, before full dissolution of lumps. Continue to pour in alcohol in the small portions. It is possible not to wait when all lumps thaw and to filter soap weight through a sieve.

Further spill the filtered weight on different small jugs, paint every one in the color and add aroma.

Then pour all soap weight on molds and leave to stiffen. At such recipe soap in 2 - 3 hours can already be pulled out from molds, but I have made it in the morning. Soap firm, smooth and in every possible way pleasant in use.


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