Homemade Chocolate Truffles! Yummy!

It sometimes happens that you want some dessert with a rich taste of cocoa, a kind of "chocolate chocolate"? And you probably have already tried candies that can't be called in any other way? Yes, we are going to talk about chocolate truffles, chocolates that look "expensive" and amazingly fit as decoration on a table or a pleasant surprise gift for someone. They have a rich, a bit tart flavor, a super-chocolate taste and a delicate, soft, and melting texture. In addition, they are extremely easy to cook at home and there are so many variants and ways you can make them.

You can add into into fillings anything you want - candied fruits, nuts, rice balls, coconut flakes and even make it out of white or milk chocolate, fruit puree etc. You can also give your truffles a light heady aroma and diversify their taste with the help of a couple of drops of alcohol (rum, brandy or any liqueur). I advise you to choose only high-quality chocolate and cocoa, because exactly these basic ingredients can influence on the taste of sweets significantly!
Let's get down to the cooking of the classic chocolate truffles!

You will need: 
- 225 g of dark chocolate 
- 0.5 cups of heavy cream
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 
- cocoa powder (for coating)

Process: Firstly, you need to warm up heavy cream on low heat, but don't boil it. Carefully stir it. Then you need to chop the chocolate and pour it into a bowl, add the heavy cream, vanilla extract and leave for a few minutes. Then  mix the ingredients thoroughly until you get a smooth paste, called ganache. Cool your ganache slightly, then put it into refrigerator for a couple of hours. But do not forget to cover it with cling wrap, which you should completely stick to the surface of the cream.

Form the balls with the help of a teaspoon , put them on parchment paper and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Then you need to coat them with cocoa powder and they are ready to serve!
You can also dream up and use for coating  chocolate glaze, coconut flakes, nut or wafer crumbs, dried strawberries, orange peel and so on. .. Bon appetit!

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