Sweet plasticine or HOMEMADE MARZIPAN

Mastic, sweet plasticine, Mart's bread, almond bliss:) ... you can call this tasty treat whatever you wish. Today we're going to talk about marzipan! Surele, everybody is already familiar with these sweets made of almond flour and sugar, which currently occupy a huge sphere in confectionery production -  there are made different candies and bars out of it, there are baked such goodies as bread and cupcakes (for example, the German Christmas Stollen), cookies, biscuits with it, it is used for decorating cakes, there is even liquor, made of it, and much, much more.  

How about making marzipan just at home? Well, marzipan fans, are you supporting me? Let's begin then!) 

We'll need: 
- 1 glass of peeled almonds (200 ml) 
 -1 glass of sugar (200 ml)
- 1/2 glass of water 
- 0.2 tbsp of vanilla extract
 - 3 tbsp of sugar powder 
- food coloring (optional) 

Process: Wash the almonds and dry them on the pan, constantly stirring, for about 2 minutes. But DO NOT fry them. Then chop the nuts in a blender - you have to get a consistency of thick semolina porridge. Now, pour water and sugar into a saucepan, put it on heat and bring to such a state, that  you could make a soft ball out of a drop of syrup. Your sirup shouldn't become a caramel! Pour there the chopped almond paste, add a little vanilla extract and simmer for 2-3 minutes on a low heat. If marzipan is crambly - add a little bit of water. Put it on a cutting board, sprinkled with sugar powder and roll it out with the help of a rolling pin to the desired thickness. 
Marzipan is ready!) I wish you creative and tasty ideas!

Thanx for the photos to http://baker-flavors.blogspot....


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