Remember, as a child we have always been attracted to everything mysterious, magical, unknown? And our vivid imagination used to induce us to build secluded huts out of chairs, pillows and bankets, to invent some secret codes, languages, to draw pictures with signs, in which we used to put some special meaning and our secrets, so that no one in the world could ever guess what it means)) Oh, how much fun it was then! It seems as if children never got bored alone with themselves. It is due to the fact that children's imagination is an unceasing conveyor belt of all kinds of ideas, stories and thoughts. One of the most useful things that parents can do is to not restrict a flight of fantasy of his child, to support at the right time and even to "play along"!

Today I'll show you one cool idea, that you can acquaint your child with! The young "super-agents-spies" will certainly be delighted!
We will create an "invisible" secret letter!

To do this, you have to take:

- Watercolor paper;
- A white wax pencil (you can take a wax candle);
- Watercolor paints.

Use a pencil or a candle in orser to write on a piece of paper everything you want - a secret letter, a secret scheme, an action plan, a treasure map, etc.

And then, to discover what you have written, paint over the paper with any colour you like.

That's all! Have fun!



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