Decorative Colored Sand

You probably have already seen a variety of beautiful jars, bottles, candle holders with colored sand, poured in layers. They look quite unusual and perfectly complement the interior, don't they?

Also, you can find similar ideas in offices -  remember from the movies these cool desktop Japanese sand gardens?)

In addition, the colored sand will be a great diversity in children's games and creativity.
Well, you can make it in two ticks, and use only two components that can be easily found in every home! 
For 1 serving of 1 color, take: 
- salt - 1 tbsp.
- food coloring - 10-15 drops 
- a zip-lock bag .

You need to pour salt into the zip-lock bag and add there food coloring. Thoroughly shake, stir the bag until the salt is completely colored. Then you need to open the bag and leave it for a few hours, so that salt could dry. After that you can use this colored sand for all kinds of games, crafts, gifts and decor.

Always try something new! And I wish you inspiretion and good luck!)

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