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If you have children, you probably noticed that your home is gradually turning into a toy store filial branch. Sometimes there are so many toys that there appears a problem with their storage. In this case, you need to throw away broken toys, and hand out the old ones to children who don’t have so many of them. And then it’s better to store the remained toys in containers or special baskets.

Today, with this master-class I would like to describe you how to make a basket for toys with your own hands. It’s so easy, just believe!

So, to do this you’ll need:

- thick fabric of suitable colors

- a tape measure

- scissors

- pins

- thread with a needle or a sewing machine

- an iron and an ironing board

- a round object large enough, instead of the template (you can take a large plate or a lid from the pan)

The process:

Lay the cloth side up on the table. Outlibe a large plate or a lid, drawing a circle on the fabric.

Cut the circle by the outline out and measure it’s length. Prepare the fabric for sewing the basket sides. Its length should be londer than the length of the circle, plus 5 cm for the seam. You can choose whatever width of the fabric you want. Remember that the height of the basket will depend on it. Do not forget to leave overmeasure, so that you could tuck the upper hems a couple of times, and then stitch.

Note: the more times you tuck the hems, the harder the construction will be. 

Fold the fabric in half with the inner surface turned outward. Tuck the hems several times and pin them together.

If the bottom doesn’t fit the necessary place, you can change the width of the overlap a bit and then stitch it by the sewing machine. Fix the bottom of the basket with the help of pins.

Stitch the hem around the entire circumference.

Flip the exterior cover side out and keep the interior one inside out. Put the inner cover in to the outside one. Put their edge. Tuck them several times inside and secure with pins.

You can pre-iron the folds with a hot iron, so that the fabric doesn’t ridge. Stitch the hem and your super-cool toy basket is ready!

Good luck!

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