Natalia Alexander

How To Make A Collage

To make a DIY wall photo collage you will need:

  • frame;
  • thin rubber band;
  • furniture staple gun;
  • binder clips;
  • photos.


First step is to fasten the rubber band on the back of the frame. I used a staple gun, but it is possible to use small nails or screws. The quantity of  bands depends on the size of the frame. The height of the used part of the frame is 25 cm (10 inch), so we need 4 "guides" (one rubber band is at the top of the frame).

The next step is to fix the clips on the photo (to make it easier use a thin flat object, for example, a ruler).

Now we should place the photos on the frame. That's all, our DIY wall photo collage is finished!

This collage has a big advantage, it’s very convenient. You can replace photos very quickly, change their places or add new ones. By the way, I changed photos as many times as members of the family came to see them.

I suggest revising some more DIY photo collage tutorials from the Internet with ideas how to do it without computed processing.


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