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If you want make your house even more unique and unusual, you just need to create for it something with your own hands! Today I would like to share with you an idea of how to make a super-cool and original lamp in the shape of a dog, using just 6 bolts and a few wooden beams.

So, to create this wonderful handiwork, you will need:

- 6 bolts;

- a normal wooden beam 30 x 25 mm in cross section;

- an electrical wire;

- a flower pot;

Well, let’s proceed to the process?

Cut the beam into several parts. I would like to offer the following dimensions, but, of course, if you want to make your lamp of a bigger or smaller size, just keep the proportions:

1 piece - 135 mm

2 pieces - 350 mm

2 pieces - 225 mm

2 pieces - 275 mm

1 pieces - 205 mm

2 pieces - 100 mm

Now you’ll need to draw the "legs" of your future dog. To make it, paste the ends of the beams over with a masking tape and paint them with black paint.

Now, drill in the flower pot two holes: one - for the electrical wire, the second one - for mounting the "trunk".

And now it's time to put the parts of the "dog" together.

You’ll need to put the details so as to give the lamp the necessary shape. Use 6 screws for installation. Just fasten the pot, put the electrical wire through it and screw in a lightbulb.

Your gorgeous dog-lamp is ready! Good luck!:)

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