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How to prepare the alcohol-free mulled claret

Follow some general rules to prepare the flavorful mullet claret:
·         Do not use aluminum pans for preparation of the mulled claret because claret can lose both in taste and quality.
·         Heat the ingredients on very low heat, the temperature should remain the same. It is believed that drink is spoiled when it simmers with bubbles.
·         Use only fresh fruits and spices to prepare the mulled claret.
·         It is not desirable to add finely ground spices for the mulled claret preparation. They dissolve well, causing difficulties in the filtering of the drink. Better use a cinnamon stick, the whole cloves and bud-seed then the ready drink will not be supersaturated. Adjust ingredients and proportions to personal taste, but don’t let the sweetness to overwhelm.
·         You can use honey and different spices for a mulled claret preparation: cloves, vanilla, anise, nutmeg or cinnamon.
You will need:
1l of orange juice
2 anise beans
2 clove buds
2 tablespoons of ginger
1 tea spoon of cardamom seeds
4 cinnamon sticks
For the flavorful taste, you can take several fruit juices: orange juice - 0,4 l, apple juice - 0,3 l and grapes juice - 0,3 l. You can either squeeze the juice yourself or buy the juice.
1. Put the spices altogether to be ready to use them.
2. Pour the juice in a saucepan, make sure that it heats to 70-80 degrees but does not boil remove the scum.
3. Put the spices in a thermos, the pour the juice. Leave to brew for one hour.
Serve the mulled wine in the large cups, garnish each cup with whole cinnamon sticks. Make the lemon wedges and take the extra sugar on hand so guests can squeeze in extra acidity if they want to cut the sweetness or add more sugar to indulge a sweet tooth.
You can leave some ready claret to freeze in the molds. Add a piece of orange in each mold when before you pour the claret into molds.
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