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If you constantly have to carry around a notebook and a few pens and pencils, or other useful things that you need for work or for studying, you just can’t do without a pencil case or an organizer. Today I would lie to show you how to sew an original and stylish organizer with your own hands. The master class is very simple and does not require any professional skills in sewing or handiwork.

To make an organizer, you’ll need:

-          a thick cloth of suitable color

-          a leather strip (you can replace it with the help of a simple tape)

-          threads

-          scissors

-          a ruler or a tape-measure

-          a sewing machine

First, you should decide, which items you plan to store in the organizer.  Then, according to their size and number, you’ll have to mark the outlines of the organizer on the cloth. Do not forget to leave the seam inlays at all sides.

Then you should decide on the shape and size of the pockets and prepare the appropriate length of the cloth. Fold the upper part of the pocket and then stitch it – in such away you will prevent the fabric from crumbling.

Then you’ll just have to put all parts together, fold the fabric on each side of the main cloth, stitch all the bends with the help of the sewing machine.

Divide the big pocket onto the parts of desired width and stitch them vertically at an appropriate distance. Sew a long leather strap or belt to the flap of the organizer.

Well, that’s all! A simple handmade fabric organizer is ready!

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