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Of course, nothing beats real fragrant flowers, but they fade. Therefore, there is an excellent alternative to a fresh bouquet that you can make with your own hands – paper flowers.

They have already become an exclusive home decoration and are often used as an unexpected present. All you need to make them is paper, decorative elements, your imagination and desire to create. The advantage of paper flowers is that they will help to complement any interior - from classic to modern one.

Depending on the style of the room you can decorate candle holders, shelves, clocks with such flowers or just put them in a vase. It's all up to your imagination.

Today I’d like to show you how to make such beautiful and cute decorations with your own hands! Let’s begin!

You’ll need:

-          one or a couple of corrugated paper sheets of different colors

-          scissors

-          glue

-          toothpicks

-          a cardboard circle cut-out

Cut out 12 paper circles.

Tip! To get a perfect circle, use a coin or other object of similar shape as templates. Moreover, you can just print the necessary templates from the Internet.

Sharpen one part of the circle and glue it together, so that you get something like a rose petal. Glue the petals to the cardboard circle. To do this, first you need to wrap the outer part (this will take five petals).

Glue another four petals to the inside, and use three petals to decorate the inside of the circle.

Cut off a small strip of corrugated paper of about 3 cm wide and fold it along. Using scissors, make snips at the same distance one from another. You should get something looks like a mini-fringe. Then fluff it carefully. Wrap the strip of fringe you got around toothpicks in a spiral.

Secure it with glue and attach the petals – you’ll get the core of the flower.

You can stick the toothpick into the flowers you got. And that’s all! Enjoy!

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