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If you to decorate the walls in your appartment, you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive paintings or create any complex panels. Today, with the help of this article, I’d like to show you how to make a simple and cute decorative panel with your own hands. As an example, let’s consider such a lovely panel with a feather. But you, of course, can make any composition you like, using the same technique.

To make such a beautiful panel with a feather silhouette, you’ll need to take:

Ø  a planch of the necessary size

Ø  a thick thread of the suitable color (you can also use yarn for knitting)

Ø  stainless steel nails with big heads

Ø  a printed pattern of the desired image or a piece paper and a pen for its making

Ø  a hammer

Ø  a bracket for fixing the panel on the wall

Print the template of the drawing, or draw its contours onto a big sheet of paper. Cut out the contour.

Then you need to place the printed outline onto the board and fix it with an adhesive tape.

Hammer the nails in along the outline. Make the space between the nails about one centimeter. You don’t need to hammer the nails deeply. As I decided to make my panel in the form of a feather, I also hammered the nails along the center line.

After this, tie a thick thread to the outside nail and start braiding the thread around the nail-heads. Criss-cross the thread in zigzags, starting from the central nails, and going to the outside ones.

When you get to the last nail, you can braid the thread along the outer nails, to give the feather a clearer shape. After that, you can go back to the point, where you started to braid the nails with the thread, and tie its ends into a knot. Cut the protruding ends of the thread and work them on with the help of the glue, so that they don’t look messy. The last step is fixing the panel to the wall, using special brackets or screws.

Well, that’s all! An original decorative panel is ready! 

Thanks for the idea to http://hashtagblessedblog.com/...


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