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The advantage to soy wax over paraffin in the absence of soot during combustion, as well as the fact that it does not require any supplements. It contains only natural components, in particular, natural oil that can be easily combined with essential oils. Soy wax contains organic components and is therefore completely safe for the environment.
So, let's get down to making these crafts?

- a few big shells;
- 1 cup of soy wax;
- a wick;
- a match;
- essential oils

Firstly, you need to wash and dry shells. After that you need to melt the wax, following the instructions. It is better to wrap the bowl with a few towels - then it does not cool down too soon. While choosing the essential oils as an additive to the wax, you should take into account the effect that they have on the mood and on the general condition of your body. For example, if you want to cheer yourself up - choose orange, sage, juniper or bergamot oil. And, on the contrary, choose eucalyptus, lavender, anise, or sandalwood oil with the aim to relax and relieve stress after a hard day. More details about the effects of essential oils and tips on how to choose them, you can read in this post:

Next, you need to tie the wick to the match, so that it is easier for you to keep it. Then, take one hand container with wax, and holding the wick in the center of the shell, pour wax into it slowly, until it fills the shell to the desired level.

When the wax cools down, you can cut off the match. Leave the wick a bit longer, otherwise the flame may be too big!

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