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Perhaps, you have already seen lots of different articles and video master classes on how to make creative items for the interior out of standard IKEA drawers. Today I would like to show you one unusual and original idea on how to create a real designer furniture item, making no extra efforts or wasting many costs. Let’s make a handmade vintage chest of drawers and transform a simple model of a chest beyond recognition! Are you ready? Then let’s proceed to the process!

You’ll need to take:

-          approximately 6-10 meters of pine battens and corner trims for decorating the outside corners

-          canvas

-          short roofing nails

-          a spray glue

-          a black paint

-          a bronze spray paint

-          a copper paint

-          a copper clamp for fixing pipes

-          a leather belt

-          decorative handles

-          a chest of drawers from IKEA or any other furniture store

Firstly, let’s cut the canvas, burlap or other coarse fabric into rectangles that you’ll use for draping all the surfaces of the chest.

Tip: you’d better draw markings on the cloth before putting the parts of the chest together.

Then secure the fabric on the walls and facades, using a spray adhesive.

Now you can proceed to painting the fabric in an appropriate color. I chose the black one, because, as for me it is universal and looks stylish and cool. You can use water-based or alkyd paint. Allow it to dry completely.

Note: when using alkyd paints, it is necessary to ventilate the room where you are making your handiwork.

Now you need to saw the battens and outer corners onto the parts of desired length. Paint the details with the copper paint. Drill holes in the corners and battens, and then secure them using short roofing nails.

Fix the decorative handles of the suitable style onto the facades and cover them with bronze paint, if needed. Fix the copper pipe clamps onto the side parts of the chest and fix the pre-cut to the desired length leather straps on them.

That’s all! An original vintage chest of drawers, made with your own hands, is ready!

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