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Candle Holder with Autumn Leaves!

November has come unexpectedly! But, fans of golden landscapes, cozy gatherings around the campfire, fans of mushroom hunting, of wandering through the forest nestled in warm colors, as well as lovers of tasty autumn fruit and vegetables, do not be discouraged! After all, autumn is not over yet and we've got a whole month ahead! Let's take advantage of this and take the time to make some handicrafts, inspired by this wonderful time of year! Today I offer you to make a candle holder, decorated in the autumn style!

- Autumn leaves (you can take decorative, artificial ones)
- PVA glue (or a special glue for decoupage)
- A brush or a sponge
- A jar
- Alcohol
- Twine/ thread/ tape/ paper (you can buy it in any florist shop)

First you need to wipe the jar with alcohol to remove any possible fat. You can then apply glue on it and stick the leaves (better to use flat and smooth ones).

You can spread the glue on top of the leaves as well. It now remains only to tie the thread and to put a candle in your candle holder.

Make crafts with your own hands, and they will bring into your home atmosphere of autumn, comfort and beauty!

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