DIY picture from nails and threads

Modern people, used to comfort and luxury, are extremely difficult to surprise. And such a work as a picture of nails and threads could do that. It is such original and creative handmade work! Such pictures can become a worthy decoration of any interior. Here I'm going to tell you how to make a picture of nails and threads handmade step by step.

What materials and tools are needed?

In order to create a picture using nails, you need to find a substrate. It can be a plate made of wood or a piece of foam. Also suitable piece of plywood or other similar material. Also you need nails in your work. On average, to create one picture you need about 20 nails. The third component of the picture is yarn. It would be better to take the threads for knitting. You can also come up with moulin and twisted thread. In addition to everything that is already listed above in the work is used: a hammer, a drawing on paper, buttons, pliers and paint.

In order to make pictures of nails and threads you may need a scheme that is easy to find on the Internet. First of all, it's worth communicating the rules for creating a similar product. So, the order of creating a picture of nails and yarn is incredibly simple. You should choose either to come up with a picture that you plan to create in the future.

Work progress

So, drawing on paper could be located as you like. But for the picture to lie flat, the substrate should be attached by means of buttons. Then take neat pinks and beat them on the counter of the picture. 

Place them at the same distance from each other. For convenience of work, the places of driving of nails can be designated by usual pencil. Then the figure is removed from the substrate and placed somewhere in a row. It must be in front of your eyes. 

Start working with the thread. Tied its one end to a stud. Then the wound threads in any order. As a result of these actions, you should form intersecting lines between each other. In the work it is necessary to rely on a picture that should be in front of your eyes.


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