Handmade accessories: ideas and master-classes

Handmade accessories will accentuate your personality and complete any outfit. You can wear them on holidays, special events and even on a walk. Nice and original handmade accessories will suit any occassion!

Here's a series of master classes, how to make handmade accessories quickly and easy at home. Hope, you'll like it!

Flowers bracelet

You will need: 

- felt; 

- velcro; 

- artificial flowers; 

- beads. 

The advantage of working with felt is that its edges do not need to be further processed. Cut a strip of felt 2-3 cm wide. The length depends on the circumference of the wrist. On the edges of the stripes, sew a velcro tape so that will form a bracelet. Glue artificial flowers on a strip of felt. In the middle, you can insert a beautiful bead. 

If there are no artificial, make flowers from the fabric handmade. 

For this you will need: 

- an adhesive gun; 

- strips of cloth or tape. 

Tie a knot at the end of a strip of fabric or tape. 

Start wrapping the fabric around the knot. 

Do not forget to coat the fabric with glue so that the flower will not unfold. Twist the tape to the end. As a result you should get a rose. 

Sew these flowers on felt. Instead of Velcro for the bracelet, you can use a tape.

Handmade bracelet of beads 

You will need: 

- thin elastic; 

- beads or beads of different size and color; 

- scissors. 

Cut an elastic band about the length of the wrist. Proceed to stringing beads. Choose beads with wide holes, because through them it will be easier to pass the elastic band. Instead of a rubber band, you can use a fishing line, but then you have to come up with a buckle, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the bracelet. The ends of the thread firmly tie, and cut with excess scissors. 

Ideas for handmade earrings 

To make earrings, you will need: 

- wire; 

- beads; 

- pins for beads; 

- cutting pliers; 

- bases for earrings; 

- round nose pliers; 

- pliers. 

To make the most simple earrings, it is enough to pass the wire through the bead and twist the ends of the wire together with a spiral. Adjust the length by yourself, and then just insert the bases for earrings. 

Round earrings can also be made from wire. 

To do this you will need a smooth cylindrical bottle from under the shampoo or deodorant. Cut a piece of wire into the ring around the bottle. Make small rings at the ends. On the other small piece of wire, string the beads. Bend the ends of the wire with the rounds. Connect the length of the wire to the ring. Attach the blaze. 

Even elegant vintage earrings can be made handmade, the main thing is to choose the accessories and beads correctly. Put the beads on the decorative pins. 

You can use beads of different sizes and any pins. The ends of the pins bend with the help of round nose pliers. Connect all the elements together and attach a blaze or other suitable lock.


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