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How To Make A Ring

A handmade coin ring: A masterclass

You will need:

  • A coin;
  • A vice;
  • A power tool with attachments for grinding and polishing;
  • A drill;
  • A steel spoon;
  • The metal platform serving as an anvil;
  • Fine grained sandpaper.

Set the coin on the “anvil” on its edge, place the spoon on it with a convex part and slightly and evenly knock along the whole coin rim. Periodically check the workpiece shape.

Stop as soon as the rim of the coin becomes of the width necessary for your ring.

Using a nail or a pointed object, mark the center of the coin.
Drill a small hole in the center of the coin, stop your drill immediately as soon as its end passes through the coin. The drill will be jammed in metal, which will allow to carry out the next stage. Be careful, because the ring heats while drilling and one can get frizzled.

Take coarse grained sandpaper and, having started the drill so that the coin on the drill would rotate, treat the external parts of the workpiece of the ring. Then take fine grained sandpaper and repeat the treatment.

Carry the final treatment of the external surface. To do this, take a cloth, apply abrasive mixture and polish the surface with it. To get a smooth gloss, repeat this treatment several times.

Fix the coin in the vice, using linings in form of cardboard or paper for its protection from scratches and dents.

Enlarge the hole in the coin with help of the drill or another device. This is the most complex and thorough stage of work, because there is a probability to spoil the coin. One needs to do everything accurately without hurrying, periodically checking fastening of the coin.

Using a power tool with a grinding roller, flatten out the interior of the ring. After this stage, the edges of the workpiece will become rather sharp.

Apply the file along the edges of the workpiece from all sides at angle of 45 degrees until they turn more rounded.

Grind the inner surface of the workpiece with the polishing block having a small amount of abrasive material, removing all remained roughnesses.

Our homemade coin ring is fabricated.


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