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DIY Macrame Necklace

In the world of handmade, textiles and weaving are totally having a moment. Take the macrame trend, for example. This classic craft has come into the fashion world, showing itself through clothing and jewelry. So unusual way!

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a macrame master to make this tender necklace. With a few clever knots and basic natural macrame cord, you’ll get a quite fashionable thing in your wardrobe. And since the cord is made of cotton, it’s easy to work with colorful dye on it.


  1. Natural Macramé Cord
  2. Scissors
  3. Fabric Dye
  4. Jewelry Pliers
  5. Jewelry Clasps and Furniture Rings
  6. Plastic Container for Dye

1. Cut three strands of macramé rope measuring at least 36 inches each. While this measurement might seem extremely long, keep in mind that the knotted design will shorten the final piece. Remember, you can always cut away, but you can’t add more!

2. Place the strands of rope on a flat surface, side by side. Find the middle point of the rope trio and remember it.

3. Take the right end of the rope and place it underneath itself. The point where the rope intersects with itself should be near or at the middle point. A loop will form on the right side.

4. Bring the end of the rope upward. Place the end underneath the loop and straight through. Pull gently. This creates a single finished knot.

5. Now, it’s time to work on the left side. Bring the other end over the rope, placing it near the knot your just created. Bring the end underneath the rope and upward. At this point, a loop will form on the left. Insert the end through the loop, placing it over then under and straight through.

6. Pull gently to complete the second knot. If needed, undo the knot and re-position until you have achieved your desired look. Cut down the ends of the rope.

7. Fill your container with dye. Place the end of necklace inside the container. Keep it there for at least 30 minutes.

8. Under running water, wash the rope until the water turns clear. Let dry completely.

9. For extra details you may add three rings to each strand of rope. Use pliers to secure each ring. Also think about beads and how they would look on this necklace!

10. Glue down end caps to each end of the rope. Leave to dry.

11. Add clasps and jewelry furniture. Secure everything with pliers.

Was it that simple? Sure, it might look complicated. However, the more you do it, the more sense it has. Give it a few tries! Getting skilled well, you’ll be able to make much more complicated things.

Practice, patience and passion are everything!

Lucky crafting to you!

Photos by Sarah


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