Lucy Wannamaker

Handmade Eye Mask for Sleeping

Call me old-fashioned, but I really love darkness when I sleep. Wherever you are, travelling or staying at home with family, there are many reasons to shut out the light from the outside world at night. Behind that, sewing an eye mask is a super quick and easy project.

Get these supplies:

  • Template of a sleep mask
  • Two fabric scraps, about 10” x 7” each, for front and back of mask.
  • One scrap of black or dark solid fabric, about 10” x 7”
  • Two pieces of batting, both about 10” x 7”
  • 24” of .25 inch bias tape
  • 15” of elastic (I used that thicker shiny hair band elastic because it’s so soft!)
  • Basic sewing supplies

Do this step by step:

Choose fabrics that are comfortable on your face and also easy to wash, as it could get dirty from mascara and face oils and will require frequent washing.

Cut out fabric and batting using the template: 3 pieces of fabric and two pieces of batting in total. Trim the batting and the black fabric slightly to make them smaller than the two pieces of outside fabric.

Make a 'sandwich': Fabric one + batting + black fabric + batting + fabric two.

Sew around the outside using less than a ¼ inch seam allowance, or use a zigzag stitch. This secures the layers. While sewing curves, turn the stitch length down a little bit to create a smoother line.

Attach the tape around the edge by using pins and a straight stitch, stopping frequently to make sure it’s fixed well.

Measure your head to determine how long/tight you want the elastic band. Attach the elastic using a pin and a few straight stitches.

Using an iron, give the mask a final press, and that’s it! Time for a nap!

Photos by Ashley Nickels


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