Katelyn Patel

Handmade Bracelets

Handmade nowadays is becoming more and more popular. The thins made with your own hands are not only beautiful and exclusive, but they are also not so expensive. It is only on the first impression that making a bracelet with your own hands seems to be very complicated. The main thing here is desire to create something unique.

Probably, many of you have accessories that you do not use. This may be a beautiful brooch or your favourite earring (the second one might probably get lost somewhere). You can’t wear them, but you can’t throw these things that you love so much away. However, we can give them a second chance. For example, we may make a bracelet according to the macrane technique. We just need to weave an earring or a brooch into the base of an article.

You’ll need:

  • 3-3, 5 meters of paracord (a strong nylon lacing);
  • An earing or a small brooch;
  • A lighter;
  • An instant glue;
  • Scissors.

1. You need to choose the colour of the lacing you’d like to have (it should match the colour of an accessory or the clothes you wear). Then, you need to fold the paracord in halves and wrap it around your wrist in order to find out the length of the article. This will be the base of the bracelet. Then, you need to tie a knot on the end of it and check the length once more. Then, cut off the ends.

2. Divide in two what’s left from the lacing. Put the center of it to the base of the bracelet. Bend the right end and make a loop. Get the loop over the base and bend it under the left end.

3. Hold the left end out under the base of the bracelet and get it through the loop on the right side. You’ll have one half of a knot. Tighten up the knot, but leave the loop big enough in order you can get the lacing through it a little bit later.

4. Do the same on the left side so that you’ll get the second half of a square knot. Make a loop, get the end of the lacing through the middle and get it under the lacing on the right side.

5. Pull the right lacing that is under the left and middle threads. Then, get it through the loop to the middle, Tighten it up.

6. Keep on doing knots from right to the left and vice versa. As soon as you get to the end, wrap the bracelet around your wrist so that to check that the length is okay.

7. Cut off the unnecessary length. Then, using a lighter, singe the ends. Keep in mind that this is better be done with the help of a blue area of the fire. This way you won’t singe the ends too much and there won’t be any smoldering.

8. Now take your favourite accessory. On our picture there is an earring. Cut off all the necessary details and details that can be moved. Then, cover it with glue.

9. Press the accessory tightly to the center of the bracelet and give it time to dry. Put the article with its wrong side up and leave it to dry for, at least, 12 hours.

10. Here you are. This is an exclusive accessory that may make your summer dress even more beautiful.


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