DIY money box

Making your own money box handmade can bring so much fun and still be very useful! 

Growing up, many of us are still saving money for something, but we use banks or safes. But, as a child we all used a sweet piggy bank. Share this tradition with your child and make such handmade piggy bank handmade together. A good habit to raise money for a gift to your loved ones should grown from childhood. So, let's start creating a handmade money box!

For a handmade piggy bank you will need: 

- a plastic bottle of 1.5-2 liters; 

- scissors; 

- water; 

- glue PVA (if there is vinyl adhesive); 

- acrylic paint of red color; 

- brush; 

- capacity and a stick for mixing; 

- scotch tape; 

- white napkins (or you can use paper from the shoe box); 

- stationery knife; 

- black resistant marker; 

- 5 pink lids (can be white); 

- 2 black buttons; 

- pink cardboard; 

- hot-melt gun. 

Course of work.

1.First of all, cut off the top part of the bottle with scissors. Then the edges are easy to align. This will be the head of the piggy bank. Then cut the bottom part - this will be the body. 

2. Mix PVA glue with water and add red paint. We make the color gradation, so that it turns pink. 

3. Flatten the edges of the trunk and head with scissors, connecting them, inserting the head into the trunk. If it does not fit, make a small incision with scissors on the trunk. 

4. Connect for reliability these parts with scotch tape. A stationery knife makes a hole for money. 

5. Cover the bottle with a mixture made of glue, and on top cover it with napkins. Since the napkins are thin, it is better to make several layers. When the first layer dries, we cover everything with one more color, so that possible flaws disappear. If the caps are white, then you must repaint them into pink. 

6. Cut through again carefully our hole for money. 

7. At the opening of the bottle, screw one lid and draw on it with a marker a patch. From colored pink cardboard cut out the ears of the pig and the tail. Glue them with a super-glue or a hot-melt gun. In the same we glue buttons - these will be eyes. And then we glue 4 caps on the bottom - these are our legs.


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