DIY Green Terrarium

Work-table - is a place, where many of us spend most of their time. Therefore, it is important for the atmosphere created there to be favorable, comfortable, cozy and to create positive mood. Who would like a gray, dull table, covered with papers and various folders that can only give desire to escape back home or even go on vacation...
You've always wanted to create in your workplace a small oasis that would help you to avoid stress and distract from thoughts about workload?

Let's make a mini-version of a water garden, which will beautify any corner at work!

For the mini-version of a water garden you will need:

-Large decorative bowl (eg, ceramic).
-Various Plants (you can add floating flowers, such as lotus, water lilies, water lettuce etc).
-Small rocks, pieces of bark, etc.

Now let's make a composition:
1) Place the plants on the bottom of the bowl.
2) Cover the roots of the plants with some decorative stones. This will ensure they don't float to the top, move around and mess up the arrangement you've created.
3) Fill the bowl 3/4 of the way full with water.
4) Now you can add floating flowers in a bowl.

Take care of your plants, according to their needs (the necessary amount of the sunlight etc.) Optimally would be to replace the water and the floating flowers 1 time per week.

Hope, your mini-garden will make you happy every day and give you a feeling of comfort and inspiration!

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