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You can store your coffee and tea cups on a shelf or in a cupboard, but they take so much space, and each time getting them out of there is not always convenient. I think, anybody will agree with me, that it would be much more convenient, when you could take cups right from the table. Today I’m going to show you how to make a wooden stand for cups with your own hands. It is such a useful interior item!

So, to make it, you’ll need:

·         3 wooden poles of different diameters: 30 mm, 16 mm, 6 mm

·         a ruler

·         a pencil

·         a hacksaw

·         a stationery knife

·         a drill with drills of 16 mm and 6 mm in diameter

·         4 nails (50 mm in length)

·         a hammer

·         a little cement mixture

·         a spatula or trowel

·         a masking tape

·         a plastic container

·         a liquid-vial indicator

·         a joiner's glue

·         a brush

·         some mineral oil

·         a sandpaper


Out of the thickest pole will make a stem for the tree rack. Saw off a 30-mm pole of about 45 cm in length. We will make the branches of the tree-rack made out of the medium-sized poles, which we previously need to cut into lengths of about 20 cm.

Carefully file off the blankets with the sandpaper. Draw a mark with the pencil on the point at a distance 2.5 cm from one end of the thick pole. This will be the top end of the stem. Then draw two more marks at a distance of 12 cm from each other. Make through-holes in the stem, using a drill and drills 16mm in diameter.  

Note: the middle hole should be perpendicular to the outside ones.

Then we need to install the limiters, so that the cups couldn’t fall from the "branches". Just make blind bores of 6 mm in diameter, closer to the ends of each branch. Cut off the 6-mm pole on the parts of about 2 cm in length previously.

Hammer 4 nails crosswise into the lower edge of the thickest pole.

Then make cement mixture and pour it into a plastic container with diameter of about 20 cm, so that the mixture fills the vessel at about 2-2.5 cm.

Insert the central axis of the rack nails down, so that they are inside of the cement mixture. Align the pole and fix it in the upright position using a masking tape. Let the mixture solidify during 48 hours.

Pull the rack out of the container, file off the cement base with the sandpaper.

Insert the branches into the holes, fixing them with the joiner's glue and install the limiters, dropping a little glue in each hole.

Allow the glue to dry and then cover all the wooden parts with the mineral oil – so that the tree rack looks better and can serve you longer.

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