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Patchwork: how to make a pillowcase

If you want to make something original for your home, make the patchwork pillowcases. You can make patchwork by joining the same or identically shaped pieces of fabric into a larger piece of fabric. Once you've made several blocks or a series of strips, you then stitch them together to create a larger design of a handmade thing. Choose any fabrics/colors you wish!


Fabric for back side, fabric of different colors for front side: you may use tissue remains

Sewing machine

Threads matching the fabric color

Tape measuring

Chalk on marker on fabric


Safety pins


1. Draw and cut out the isosceles triangles with the length of the sides of 12.5, 12.5 and 18 cm. Take the fabric, fasten the triangle with a pin and run its contour on the fabric. Draw the contour seam allowances of 1 cm, so that you will get a triangle with the following sides: 13.5, 13.5 and 19 cm. Cut out the triangle. You have to make 8 equal triangles, use the fabric with different patterns.

2. Preparation of a back side of pillowcases. Cut out a square 27*27 cm of a single piece of fabric. 

3. Create a composition from triangles. Form the squares of 13.5*13.5 from triangles and sew them by the line of the longest size. As result, you will have four colored squares, identical in size. Seam the squares, you should make two rectangles of 12.5*25 cm. Seam these two rectangles along the longer size. When the facial side of your pillow is ready, then trim the excess fabric in the corners to reverse size.

4. Fold the both sides of the pillow face to face, seam the three sides, retreating 1 cm from the edge. Process the slides with an overlock machine or zigzag stitch and seam a 25-cm log zipper.

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