Isabelle Gutierrez

How To Make A Hemp Necklace

Let’s consider another option for a DIY necklace. We will need 20 small pearls, 20 slightly bigger pearls and 7 natural threads, each 150 cm (5 feet) long.

First, fold in half 6 out of 7 threads and make at the end a small 2-3 cm (1 inch) loop.

Next, take the seventh thread. Start winding it around the loop.

Now, our loop is practically all wrapped with a thread. In the end make an ordinary knot and cut off the thread. The loop should look something like this:

Now take our pearls and string them on 8 out of 12 threads, and the remaining 4 threads leave as they are. To make an original necklace, alternate big and small pearls and intervals between them.

Leave about 10 cm (4 inches) for pearls; and tie a large decorative knot using all the threads.

Repeat this operation several times. Our necklace is almost ready.

To give the necklace a finished look, insert a medium sized pearl in one of the threads and tie a big knot.

To fasten the necklace, pull this pearl through the loop on the other end.

We have described only few ways to make a DIY necklace. Indeed, there are lots of them. It’s a free scope for experiments. Once you’ve learnt jewelry design basics, you can make exclusive and original necklaces, bracelets in your own style. Such things can make a unique gift. So, don’t be afraid: give a try to your creativity!


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