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Minimalistic Concrete Vase (tutorial)

Could you think that concrete crafting can be easy, cheap and fun? If not, let me show you how to make this simple and modern vase.

It’s a perfect way to hold flowers, as concrete is durable and can hold water pretty well. Though, it can crack… To solve this problem you can use a plastic or glass container inside the concrete while crafting. Lovely idea!

Now let’s see how to do this. These are all the supplies in the pic.

Make sure you have some heavy coins or rocks to weigh the glass down in the cement as it dries. If desired, you can take some craft paint, too.

One tip as you make this project: fill your container slowly with the concrete. Fill the milk carton about half way full with your mixed concrete. Press the glass container to the bottom of the carton to see if you poured enough concrete. You want the cement to JUST reach the top of the glass vase and the carton!

Once the concrete is poured, fill the glass container with a bunch of coins and water to weigh it down into the concrete.

After an hour or two grab a towel and brush any concrete off the edge of the glass. Then smooth out the top of the concrete a little. After about 8 hours check your handicraft. Put out coins and stones and clean out the inside of the glass, as needed, too.

It’s a very good idea to paint the bottom and sides of the concrete to create a ‘dipper’ look on the vase.

You can use this concrete vase to hold not flowers, but candles. It will look even more beautiful and romantic!

Personally I love the contrast of soft, organic petals against a hard, modern material. The little pop of turquoise on the bottom keeps it from feeling too heavy or serious. 

Thanks for photo material to ROSYSCRIPTION


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