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Cool idea for home - HANDMADE MATTRESS!

This is a very original idea of making useful crafts for the home. You will need simple materials, your desire, enthusiasm and some minimal sewing skills.

These mattresses are very practical and you can make them not only for children, but also for adults - in this case, you only need to take into account length of a fabric and number of pillows. You can also use them not only at home, but take on a picnic and on any other trips. After all, they are compact, easy to fold and easy to wash.

So, do you already have a strong desire to start as quick as possible?
Then let's proceed to the process!

You can buy pillowcases or make them with your own hands. You will need about 4-5 ones. Their color, print and fabric can be absolutely diverse, because it all depends on your taste and preferences. Then you need to sew these pillowcases together and the holes for pillows should be on the same side. 
You can also make pillows yourselves, or, in my opinion, it will be much easier to buy  4-5 the most simple and inexpensive pillows. Put the pillows into the sections from pillowcases that you've got, and you're done! That's an idea of an easy, fast, inexpensive, way of making a mattress for all occasions with your OWN HANDS! 

Moreover, it doesn't need any complicated care - just get the pillow out of the compartments, throw the pillow cases in the washing machine - and that's all!

P.S. By the way, you can also connect the pillow to each other with the help of zippers.

Good luck!

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