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Every child is a little researcher who is always full of inspiration to dream, play and create something new, interesting and bright! Children are just full of creative energy, which has an enviable destructive potential, so that is why parents can often find some cereal scattered on the kitchen floor, pictures on the refrigerator made with a felt-tip pen and some applications on the wallpapers. Unfortunately, we, the adults, have mostly lost the ability to think creatively and to help our children to realize their creative potential. 

No wonder Ursula K. Le Guin says: "The creative adult is the child who has survived."

Let us remember how great it is to imagine and create, and let’s send our creative energy to stylish, beautiful and useful crafts. It's so great to help the child, and to show that it’s easy and exciting to do not only stylish, but also very useful things with your own hands.

Let’s make a bookmark in the form of a cute fox!

You will need:

- an orange cardboard sheet

- white paper

- scissors

- glue

- a black felt-tip pen.

Cut the basic details for the future bookmark out of the board: the body, the muzzle, ears, the tail, the belly (the circle), eyes out of the white paper. If the child is already 4 years old, you can let him or her to cut it out him- or herself, but a younger child needs some help. Firstly, glue the ears to the body, and then the muzzle. Glue the muzzle so that it only sticks to the upper part. Glue the tail and white details. Draw the eyes and the nose of your fox with the black felt-tip pen.

Well, that’s all! In such an easy way you can get a simple and stylish bookmark! Your child will definitely like it and will be able to use it in the favorite books. Such a bookmark will be also a good gift for older siblings and parents.

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