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Today, with this master class I would like to show you a simple and exciting way of how to make a bright educational book out of felt with your own hands. This book is a perfect way of learning shapes, colors, birds’ and animals’ names for children.

Moreover, you can choose any theme for your handmade book, anything you want: rainbow colors, sea creatures, plants, space etc. I would like to offer to make a simple example of the book, which has 2 images of each theme: animals, birds and insects.

So, you will need to take:

-          multicolored felt

-          iris yarn that matches by color

-          a needle

-          scissors

-          a pencil

-          an awl

-          a metal ring or a ribbon

-          buttons and other decorations if you wish

It is very easy and interesting to work with felt, as you can make anything out of this material – you can glue it or sew it up.

Tip: however, if the project is being intended for children, you’d better not glue the details.

Each page of the book will consist of two parts at the different background, each will have its own pattern. Print out the pattern and cut out the details of the template.

Think about what pictures you want to put together, in order to create an interesting color composition. Using the yarn, sew the details down step by step, starting from the bigger ones.

Tip: If you are not sure that you will be able to sew the detail down tightly enough, you can add a button on the first page of the book, in order to create a 3D effect.

Embroider the eyes and noses of animals and birds in satin-stitches. Remember, that you can use your imagination and always add more decorative details, up to your taste.

When the appliques are completely ready, you can proceed to sewing the pages together. And don’t forget pieces of thick ribbon between them – they will help to put the book together. Make sure that none of the appliques is upside down.

When all the pages are ready, make a hole in the same place, using an awl. Then insert a metal ring with a clasp into the hole, or you can simply tie the pages together with a ribbon.

That’s all! Enjoy! And please children with such creative handmade toy, made with love and care!

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