DIY basket of rope

Beautiful wicker baskets in the interior not only can decorate the space, but also help to order the chaos, neatly store things and
always keep them at hand. A woven basket of rope is especially important for lovers of knitting, since it is very convenient to store coils of thread. Let's look at two simple master-class how to make a basket of rope handmade.

You will need:

  • A natural rope for decor;
  • Yarn for knitting (any colors);
  • Scissors;
  • Glue gun;
  • Needle.

⇒ Step 1. Take the colored yarn, tie it around the end of the rope and wrap it around for 2-3 cm. This will be the bottom of our basket.

⇒ Step 2. Wrap the end of the rope yarn, glue the curl and wrap it again with yarn.

⇒ Step 3. Using the glue, continue to wind the rope around the center of the bottom. With a colored thread, wind the adjacent two ropes, creating an additional fixation.

⇒ Step 4. When you have made a flat round bottom of the desired diameter, continue in the same way, using glue and yarn, to build up the walls of the basket.

⇒ Step 5. Pull the basket handles out of the last row of the rope in the basket. Fix them with glue.

⇒ Step 6. For additional decor in several places tightly wrap the rope of yarns of different colors.

Basket of rope using a form

It will be more convenient to use a basket if you use some form, in this case an oval shaped bucket.

Necessary materials and tools:

  • rope made of natural materials;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • bucket.

⇒ Step 1. Start making the bottom of the basket. Using glue, fold the rope into a circle or oval (depending on the shape of the bucket).

⇒ Step 2. When the rope bottom completely covers the bottom of the bucket, make another additional turn of the rope and gradually shift the rope so that it wraps around the bucket walls.

⇒ Step 3. Continue winding the bucket with a rope. Do not overdo it with glue, so as not to stick the rope to the bucket.

⇒ Step 4. Pull the bucket out of the rope braid. Place the end of the rope gently.

⇒ Step 5. Make the basket handles. In this example, the pens are made of strips of leather, but you can come up with handles made of rope, tape or cord.


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