Decorative Pot out of PAPER BAGS!

Have you noticed that nowadays in supermarkets and various shops paper bags are becoming more popular? The use of this type of packaging has many advantages over the use of plastic bags. Among the advantages it can be mentioned such, as their cool appearance, and the fact that they do not harm the environment, unlike their plastic brethren. Recently, I have found a cool idea, in case you have a couple of paper bags left and want to make a cool decoration for your interior out of them.
⦁ several paper bags
⦁ a plastic container
⦁ a jute twine
⦁ a glue gun
⦁ scissors
⦁ a wooden skewer

Draw lines on one of the paper bags and cut it into 8 stripes 7 × 30 cm. Then, put the wooden skewer to the corner of a stripe and roll it diagonally, so that in result you get a paper tube.

Roll the rest of the stripes into tubes in the same way. Then, you need to glue the corners, otherwise the tubes can untwist. Wrap the container with the paper out of paper bags. Glue the tubes, you've got, to the bottom of the "pot".

Then cut stripes 7 × 45 cm and also twist into tubes. Press the first ones to the the sides of the container, and wrap the long one around it, criss-crossing the fitst tubes.
After you criss-cross 8 main tubes, you can begin to plait in the reverse order, until the whole pot is entwined.

That's all! Good luck!

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