Angel Lucas

How To Make A Mosaic

Mosaic becomes more and more popular. They use it while designing interiors. No wonder, that this piece of décor looks amazing. Moreover, it will be much more interesting to do the decoration when you know how to make mosaic with your own hands. People decorate walls, surfaces, and some small pieces with mosaic. You can make mosaic of glass, mirror, pebble, shells etc. Read how to make mosaic below.

How To Make Mosaic On A Wall?

First, choose the spot where you want to place your mosaic, sandpaper it, putty it and mark it with a pencil.

Then cut the material in pieces. Use cutting pliers or tile saw.

When the elements are ready, begin gluing them to the wall. It is best to use latex based glue. Mix the glue with cement and water, having read the instructions carefully. Apply the blend to the wall.

Then glue each piece on the backside and stick them to the wall.

Remove the excessive glue.

After you stick all the pieces to the wall in the right order, leave it to dry and proceed to the next step a day after. It is necessary to float the joints. Then remove the excessive float finish using a rubber putty knife and rub the surface with a cloth. Then leave the float finish to dry.

The last step is polishing. You are to remove the dry float work with sandpaper and polish the surface with a piece of cloth. This is how you make mosaic and what you get.


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