Cute Photo Frame DIY


I am obsessed with taking pictures of me and my friends on my Fuijifilm Instax Mini camera and now I have more than a thousand of them. I wanted to place them all in my room but I haven’t had any good frames so most of them were just lying in my photo box for a long time. Today I came up with the idea on how to make a cute photo frame. It is super stylish and so easy to do. I am in love with the simplicity in decorations and this photo frame is a perfect example of it.

Here is what you will need today:
- Wooden Frame (size doesn’t matter here)
- White Acrylic Paint + Brush
- Drawing Pins
- Jute Rope
- Decorative Wooden Сlothespins
- Pictures

All the supplies are easy to find in your local craft store.

Now when you have got all you need we can start!

1. Cover your workspace to secure it from paint and get yourself some gloves to secure arms as well. Start painting the frame. To be honest, my frame was just a canvas for painting before. I did not like the picture on it so I just tear it off and got the frame.

The White or Black color is always a win option but you can also paint it in any color you want just remember, it should fit with the colors of your room.

Leave it to dry up then put one more layer of paint and leave to dry up again.

2. When the frame dried completely  take the jute rope and pins.

Plan your lines and pin the rope to the frame’s backside. It should hang slightly.

Slightly pull the rope to check its strength otherwise it could break.

3. The frame will look like this when you have finished.

4. My room is rental and I am not allowed to put hooks in the walls so I’m just going to put the frame on the table. But if you are going to hang it just fix the rope on top of the frame the same way as we pinned the lines. Secure the pins with superglue if necessary. 

5. Now it’s time to grab some clothespins and hang the pictures. I wanted to add some cute decorations to my frame so I put some of the Floral Stickers which I bought earlier.

Voila! Now you have this great and unique photo frame. I am in love with mine and the best part of it is its minimalism so it can fit at any place I'm going to move in the future.

Source: themomentblog


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