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If you are interested in handmade interior decorations that can make your apartment bright and unique, you can try to make a picture from fabric with your own hands and spend just a minimum of materials and time! I think everyone can find in the house all kinds of scraps of fabrics, knitting yard, beads, some greeting cards or beautiful wrapping paper and so on. I would like to offer you to make an original painting out of fabric and threads just by yourself!

To make it you`ll need:

·         a cardboard of the right size

·         an adhesive or a double-sided tape

·         a brush

·         some scraps of fabric

·         threads, sewing yarn etc.

Now let`s proceed to the process:

Take a piece of cardboard of the desired size. Then draw on it a composition of the future picture. If you can`t draw, try to imprint a picture you like through the copy paper. Then apply glue with the help of the brush along the contour of a pencil and glue the material you have chosen. It`s better to make this work step by step,  to think in advance what will be in the foreground, and what will be in the background. It`s also better to glue the threads in the form of drawing. You can use several methods to make it well:

·         Use a piece of fabric as a base for the threads and don’t stick            them close to each other, but leave an interval of a couple of              millimeters, so that you could see the base.

·         You can glue the thread close to each other

·         Threads can also be glued crosswise.

Everything depends on your taste and your imagination only. You’ll know yourself how to do it better! Maybe you’ll have to practice a bit, using different types of methods!  Just use your ideal combination of these methods and create an interesting and super-cool composition! Remember that you can also use all kinds of beads, sequins, foil, etc. Once you finish the pattern out of fabric and threads, you can insert it in a frame or just hang on the wall!

Good luck and inspiration to you!

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