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If you don’t have a closet and often face a problem of lack of place, where you could store your bed linen and some other things – I have a solution for you! Today, I am going to show you how to make a multifunctional and very useful storage box with your own hands, out of simple materials and in no time!

Are you ready? Then, let’s begin!

So, to make it, you’ll need to take:

-          5 rectangular pieces of 6 mm plywood (55 × 2 rectangle of 40 cm 2 × 40 rectangular 35 cm, a rectangle of 55 × 35 cm)

-          30-40 nails

-          a joiner's glue

-          a hammer

-          a paint

-          a masking tape

-          a paint brush

-          4 castors

-          4 board cut-offs 40 mm thick. Their size should be a little bigger than the castors’ base

-          16 screws

Saw the blanks of the necessary sizes out of the plywood sheet. File the edges and the whole surface down with sandpaper. Make a box out of rectangular blanks the following sizes: 55 × 40 and 40 × 35 cm. You should try to make the edges strictly perpendicular. Use joiner's glue and nails to join the sides and then secure the bottom - a rectangular blank of 55 × 35 cm.

Tip: you’d better use quick-joiner's glue for this craft.

As a result, you should get a simple plain box. Grind all the corners, and then apply onto the box any paint you like. You can even draw some ornaments or glue some pictures onto it – whatever you wish.

Leave the paint to dry, and then glue 4 wooden rectangles to the bottom of the box and secure them with the help of nails.

And then you’ll need to screw 4 castors to these rectangles. Well, it’s ready! You can decorate such original handmade box according to the interior of your apartment and to your own taste, and then store there anything you want.

Good luck!


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