Alethia Populis

Bird’s Nest Necklace

Hi everyone! This is my first blog post, so I hope you’ll like my DIY necklace idea and try it yourself.

I have seen the similar bird necklace selling for pretty high price. Then I didn’t want to pay, as – what? I can make my own necklace with my own hands! It was very simple and inexpensive. After that I made a few similar necklaces for my sister and friends.

Well, here is my Bird’s Nest Necklace.

Supplies needed:

26 gauge craft wire, silver

6mm round glass pearls

7mm silver jump rings

lobster clasp

silver jewelry chain

round nose pliers

silver bird charm

Think how many “eggs” you want to put into your wire nest. I chose 5, because this is my happy number. You may put more or less pearls in here.

String your pearl beads on the craft wire.

Using round nosed pliers, create a small, tight loop in the end of the wire.

Then, bend your wire so the pearl “eggs” sit in a circle.

Keep winding to create the bottom of the nest. Once you get somewhat of a bottom to the nest, flip it over, and start winding the wire up the sides of the pearl “eggs.”

Once you are satisfied with the way the nest looks, leave a length of wire (about 8″) and trim the wire from the spool.

Now you are going to sew the nest with the excess wire to secure the necklace. Take the wire up and around the side of the nest, securing it through the “egg” circle, and back down through the bottom. Repeat 2-3 times in the same spot, and then repeat on the opposite side of the nest.

When you “sew” the opposite side of the nest, bring the wire up from the bottom to finish it.

Make another small, tight loop with the round nosed pliers, and trim. Then tuck that loop into the nest. At this point you can manipulate the nest how you like it. Push the sides up, or push the sides in to cup the eggs better.

Then add a jump ring to the nest. 

Then you can attach the nest to your necklace chain.

I added a beautiful silver bird charm to the necklace chain also. I finished my bird necklace by adding a lobster clasp to the ends of the chain with a jump ring, and an additional jump ring on the opposite side of the chain.

Here it is! Now you can put it on yourself and shine bright. Also you can choose other colors for your necklace, if you think it would look more cute in blue or yellow.

Lucky crafting!


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