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Any organizer is a very useful thing – you can put there whatever you want: notebooks, maps, photos, pens etc. So why not to make a beautiful unusual leather one with your own hands?

You’ll need to take:

-          a piece of thick leather for hand embossing 21 × 27 cm (you can choose whatever size you wish and need)

-          a tool for cutting leather corners (you can do without it as well)

-          bright patterned fabric

-          double-sided tape with melting glue

-          decorative rubber band

-          a hole puncher for leather

-          an iron

-          wooden beads and acrylic paints

Cut a rectangle of the necessary size out of the leather piece.

If you want to the corners to be rounded off, you can use a special tool to crop them or just a pair of scissors or a scalpel. You can also leave the corners as they are.

Using an adhesive tape with melting glue and an iron, secure the fabric with bright print on the inner surface of the leather.

Then you should find the center of the back part of the organizer and make a hole there, using a nail or an awl. Thread both ends of the rubber bands into the hole to get a loop on the outside.

Adjust the length of the rubber band and tie a knot inside the organizer, and then cut the excess ends.

Make 4 holes along the central axis of the leather cover with the help of a hole puncher. Make each pair of holes near the edge.

Pull one end of the rubber band through the upper hole from the outside.

Then do the same through the bottom hole.

Pull the free ends of gum through the adjacent ones.

Pull the ends of the rubber band together - the leather will be a little bent, but it will smoothen when the organizer will be closed.

Basically, the organizer is ready, but you can decorate it with various cute details – put several colored beads of different sizes onto the free end of the rubber band.

That’s all! Enjoy!

Thanks to http://stampedinhisimage.blogs... for the photos and idea!


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