Mary Swan

Your Little Home Office

Even if you go to school or work every day, it’s important to have a space in your home where you can sit down and have time to generate new ideas.

Behind that, it’s a perfect place for parents who work at home and need a special space to be alone and concentrate.

Hope photos in this post will inspire you to create the work space of your dreams!

I love the combnation of wood and leather and it is actually very comfortable. The dark rug adds weight to the space while still being neutral. It really revives this small office. The shelves add dimension as well as space for different supplies. Floral prints give just the right romantic accent.

Here are some main aspects you should remember while creating your own home office space:

1. The first item.

Pick your big item first. Usually this is a rug or your biggest piece of furniture. This piece sets the tone for your room. Thia will be a great starting point.

2. Does it match?

Don’t limit yourself with one style. It’s like when people used to tell that you can’t wear black and navy blue together! Not true. Mixing wood tones, textures, colors and styles is in right now.

3. White is a must.

It’s amazing to balance the space with clean lines and white pieces. White furniture or accents bring a breath of fresh air to your little office. It always goes with everything!

4. The focus color.

While getting started, it can be very helpful to come up with a color palette to work with. Remember to keep your big pieces neutral and timeless and add the pops of color into your décor. So, when fashion trends will change, you’ll just have to change bright details.

Hope you’ll like these tips and use them in your home office décor as well!


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