DIY Succulent Storage


For all succulent lovers, you know how hard it is to walk past them in the store without buying one or two… Or ten! Haha that’s right. And when you have the whole collection you start to wonder where you can display all of them. I came up with the great idea when I saw this vintage file cabinet in the thrift store. By the way, if you have never been into those stores you should definitely try it! Thrift and vintage stores are such a good places where you can find the most amazing things for low prices. Anyway, I got this cabinet and decided to recreate it into my entryway succulent storage.

- Thrifted shelf
- Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer – 25% More in Satin Jade, Gloss Sun Yellow, Gloss Bright Idea, and Matte Aqua (Available at -your local Walmart)
- 220 grit sandpaper
- Terracotta pots
- Succulents


- Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth.

- Spray the piece outdoors or in a well ventilated space and follow the safety and application directions on the can.

- After it’s fully covered, let the shelf completely dry.

- When you are done with the cabinet start painting the pots. When they have dried completely plant your succulents.

The original color was a minty green, which I loved, but parts were left unpainted, so I decided to freshen it up. I was so jazzed to find Krylon® ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer – 25% More in Satin Jade because the color was similar, but brighter and more modern. The coverage was amazing and because there is so much paint in the can, I only used one can to cover the entire shelf! Also, because of the way the tip of the can functions, it was so easy to turn the can 360 and cover each of all the shelving units.

After spray painting it (I used two coats of paint to achieve this color), and letting it dry, I scuffed up some of the edges and corners with 220 grit sandpaper to give it a bit more of that vintage worn in look. While I let that dry, I started on all the succulent pots. I bought a bunch of inexpensive terracotta pots that I sprayed with three coats of fun colors: ColorMaster Paint + Primer – 25% More in Gloss Sun Yellow, Gloss Bright Idea, and Matte Aqua. After those dried, I potted the succulents and decked out the entryway piece. I LOVE how it turned out! What do you all think? Step and supplies after the break…

Place the pots into the cabinet and decorate if needed.




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